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0001316MediaMonkey (current)Now Playingpublic2008-10-14 16:08
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Summary0001316: Show # Tracks & time remaining in Now Playing list
DescriptionIf mm is used in Parties/Bars/Public places, or if MM is being used to manage a live playlist, the operator needs to know how much longer the current playlist will last.

Suggested format:
Total xx:yy, zz.z MB (Selected xx:yy, zz.z MB)
--> Total Tracks: ww, xx:yy, zz.z MB | Remaining: xx:yy (Selected Tracks: ww, xx:yy, zz.z MB)

It would also be important this is the 'default' info displayed in the main status bar if:
-tracks are playing
-AND the Now Playing window is docked
-AND no other behaviour has been initiated within 10 seconds that would normally trigger an update to the status bar

To be clear it would probably be a good idea to show:
Now Playing Total Tracks: ww, xx:yy, zz.z MB | Remaining: xx:yy (Selected Tracks: ww, xx:yy, zz.z MB)

Setting as 'urgent' on the assumption that this is trivial to implement.
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2004-07-01 15:45

administrator   ~0004325

Updated to include # tracks based on:


2004-07-07 07:42

administrator   ~0004342

I can see some problems in this. First of all the text would be too long in the status bar. Also the switching of status bar content would look strange, e.g. if you browse your collection (in some tree nodes) you wouldn't expect that status bar changes from showing the current tracklist summary to a summary of Now Playing.

I would rather propose to include such additional information to a new 'Additional playback controls' window. I think that such window could be used to show many information about playback (like the mentioned time to end of Now Playing list) and some other controls, e.g. crossfading.


2004-07-07 12:52

administrator   ~0004356

I agree that there's a problem with the current suggestion in terms of the size of the status bar text. Also, though I think that the switch in the status bar could be implemented intuitively, I can also see why it could be confusing.

In terms of the proposed alternative, I do agree that we'll need additional player controls in the future, however I don't think we need additional separate status indicators, and besides this status info is related to the tracklist/now playing list rather than to the player.

Consequently, I would propose:
1) In the Now Playing titlebar: Show a counter for time remaining e.g. Now Playing (xx:yy). That way time remaining status is available where it's needed no matter if MM is maximized or minimized.

2) In the minimized Now Playing (mini Monkey), add info re. the # of files: i.e. Tracks: ww, xx:yy, zz.z MB (Selected: ww, xx:yy, zz.z MB). If there's insufficient space, it might be a good idea to only show the 'Selected' component for 10 seconds after tracks have been selected.


2004-07-07 13:05

administrator   ~0004357

I mainly don't like the idea of adding 'time remaining' indicator because it's only needed for a narrow group of users, I think that 1) would be annoying for many users.

The reason I proposed an additional window was that each user need something different and we cannot fit many infomation to the main window status bar (or some other part). There could a bunch of information in another on-top window (number of timers, etc.).

An option also is to let users to configure what is shown in status bar, but I'm not sure if it's the best idea.


2004-07-07 14:28

administrator   ~0004362

I like the idea of allowing 1) to be configurable. My preference would be to keep the indicator in the Title Bar so that the information would be available in the same manner for both the Main Monkey and Mini-Monkey.

This could be in a new node: Library | Now Playing
 [x] Indicate time remaining in Title Bar

 [Now Playing Transparency] could also be added to this screen.

As far as 2) is concerned, I don't think this really needs to be configured--this is just a question of adding information that is already viewable elsewhere in the UI.


2005-01-23 16:11

administrator   ~0005205

Pushing beyond 2.3 per IM discussion.


2006-07-26 20:16

administrator   ~0007620

How about a much simpler implementation that just shows the following status information in the Player window:

Now Playing: xx:yy remaining