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0013132MediaMonkey (current)Synchronizationpublic2016-05-21 00:29
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.1 
Target Version4.1.12Fixed in Version4.1.12 
Summary0013132: iPhone: Volume level lost during sync for FLAC -> M4A auto-converted files in some cases
DescriptionUser from ticket YQV-192-89100 found steps / scenario in which volume level (soundcheck) info is lost during auto-sync from FLAC -> M4A converted files.

Workaround is to use 'Send to' device on the affected tracks or delete them from the iPhone and re-sync them to the iPhone.
Steps To ReproduceUser's steps to repro:

I ran a check by changing the rating on an MP3 and a standard (<320k) M4A and was not able to reproduce the problem. I think it therefore only applies to converted FLAC files.

Debug log with modified DLL records initial sync with iPhone. Tracks played today (30) synced back to MM. Phone disconnected and reconnected. MM shows all tracks on iPhone to have volume adjustment.

Rating changed on 4 tracks not previously rated - Les Boys by Dire Straits, Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie, and 2 movements from Mozart Clarinet concerto. Phone synced again. Progress reports 4 tracks synced to iPhone. Phone disconnected and reconnected. After listing files phase MM shows all four tracks to no longer have volume setting on iPhone. Verified by playing Ashes to Ashes on phone. Should have a -5.4dB adjustment, but is louder than normal and does not change perceived volume when soundcheck toggled. As a second check I changed the rating on another track that should have +11.5dB adjustment. Before syncing this track had a noticeable change in volume when toggling soundcheck. After syncing there was no noticeable change in volume. Verified in MM that volume adjustment lost.

I have been able to verify that all tracks on which the rating is changed, when synced lose their volume setting. If synced using Send To a conversion process starts and no loss appears to occur. If synced via normal syncing process when no conversion occurs, volume setting loss occurs. This does not occur with tracks on which the rating is not changed.
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2016-02-17 13:14

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2016-05-21 00:29

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