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0012981MediaMonkey 4Synchronizationpublic2015-12-12 01:48
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.1.9 
Target Version4.1.10Fixed in Version4.1.10 
Summary0012981: Crash on disconnect of USB cable
Description1 Connect device over usb
2 Click the device to view its profile
3 Remove a playlist from the auto-sync list
4 Auto-sync
-->Auto-sync delete confirmation dialog appears
5 Disconnect the device
-->MMW crashes

Note: over the course of testing the past few days, I've submitted quite a number of crashes that seem to be related to USB sync, but this scenario consistently triggers a crash and I suspect that it's related to the others.

Crash log indicates the bug number.
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Fixed in build1775


related to 0012961 resolvedpeke USB Sync freezes when removing content 



2015-11-27 17:16

developer   ~0043434

Fixed in


2015-11-30 21:43

administrator   ~0043465

Tested 1771. MMW no longer generates an AV, however, now, when the USB cable is removed, the sync process isn't terminated!

So for example, what can happen is:
1) Cable is unplugged while sync confirmation dialog appears
--> Sync confirmation dialog remains open asking the user to confirm the sync operation and allowing the sync to continue even though the device isn't connected!

Debug log of this attached.


2) Cable is unplugged while MMW status is 'Removing content'
--> After cable is unplugged, sync status remains and the status bar continues to advance as if MMW is syncing!


2015-11-30 21:44

administrator (32,862 bytes)


2015-11-30 22:07

developer   ~0043468

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re 1) Yes, I fixed the AV, but the dialog is still shown (waiting for user input)
=> Fixed in 1772 (auto-hide of the dialog)

re 2) Could you generate log of this ?


2015-12-01 07:29

administrator   ~0043472

2) I submitted a new log of this with the message
"bug 12981. AV when disconnecting cable during MTP sync freeze that occurs while 'removing content'"

Also, attached is a debug log that was generated while this occurred.


2015-12-01 07:30



2015-12-01 08:04

administrator   ~0043474

3) I performed a USB sync with MMA dev settings for 'Allow deletion during USB sync' and 'Allow file notification during file sync' both disabled.

After the sync operation completed successfully, I disconnected the device
--> AV "bug 12981. Issue 3. AV when disconnecting cable after MTP sync.'

Logs attached.


2015-12-01 08:05

administrator (250,896 bytes)


2015-12-01 11:28

developer   ~0043478

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All fixed in


2015-12-08 01:48

developer   ~0043532

Verified 1774


2015-12-08 03:28

developer   ~0043534

Reopen for analyze due the testing of 0012961 and noted in 0012961:0043533

Elf file is located inside "/MMW/bugs/bug12961/2015-12-08 01 Freeze.rar"


2015-12-08 12:27

developer   ~0043541

Fixed in 1775


2015-12-11 04:03

administrator   ~0043598

I have not observed any crashes on disconnect with build 1775/1776. Leaving for Peke to close since he observed the last crash.


2015-12-12 01:48

developer   ~0043623

Verified 1776

Crashes were not related to USB connection.