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0012609MediaMonkey (current)Synchronizationpublic2015-03-10 22:22
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Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.1.6 
Target Version4.1.6Fixed in Version4.1.6 
Summary0012609: Wi-Fi sync: terminates prior to completion
DescriptionWhen syncing MMA 398 vs MMW 1733, Wi-Fi sync operations on large playlists (e.g. 2500+ tracks) terminate before the sync has completed, and the user must sync again to get it to complete.

MMA debug log: BS81P5K0YF

A user at is also complaining of this and has submitted logs.
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Fixed in build1736


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2015-02-20 16:41

administrator   ~0042145

Note: in my case, the problem was that the Wi-Fi connection was somehow compromised by doing a wi-fi sync (disabling and re-enabling wi-fi sync solved the problem). My guess is that it's a problem with the wi-fi drivers rather than with MMA.

So just have a look at the user's logs.


2015-02-23 13:25

developer   ~0042157

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Yes it is probably connection failure. I am not able to see it because he made two other syncs that were successful and I do not see the failure.

We should probably improve the way how to handle it.

Now we try to reconnect twice on lowest level and then we terminate. We also check the wifi but it will always interrupt whole sync.

Better solution will be to pause the sync when connection fails and try to get more info about what happened.

1. Wifi was disabled (but was enabled at the beginning of sync)
    - ask user to re-enable it.
    - interrupt on decline
2. IP is not reachable
    - show some dialog about waiting for server (similarly to e.g.Skype - TRYING TO RECONNECT)
    - try repeatedly (each 5 seconds) to ping the IP
    - interrupt whole sync after e.g. 2 minutes
3. File is not reachable, IP is reachable
    - file doesn't exist but server is ok
    - skip and continue

This can be implemented to 1.1.1


2015-02-23 13:33

developer   ~0042158

I asked user for another log to be sure about it...


2015-02-24 20:11

administrator   ~0042175

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Logs submitted at:

Note, according Marek, this is most likely an MMW issue: "MMW builds a sync list according free space on device. So this synclist is too short. I am not sure where the problem is but most probably it is caused by autoconverted tracks where MMW has to guess final track size..." possibly specific to WMA (I've never observed this problem with auto-conversion to MP3).


2015-03-02 19:17

developer   ~0042234

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By a quick look at the debug log it really seems related to optimization re 0012138

The user have all songs in WAV format and converts to WMA (VBR) files, there is most probably inaccurate estimation for WMA Pro, VBR (Quality 60%), Sample rate 44100Hz, Channels - Stereo.

The workaround is to perform another sync.


2015-03-02 19:29

developer   ~0042235

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yes, it is definetly bad estimation for "WMA Pro", VBR (Quality 60%), it shows only 4KB as resulted size for 5MB source WAV file.

This is not the case for standard WMA


2015-03-02 21:03

developer   ~0042236

Fixed in


2015-03-02 23:43

developer   ~0042237

Veified 1736

1.7 GB calculated size of 972 WMA files from FLAC and WAV previously in 1735 size was 12MB :) (Range from 4-12KB) Space on my Moto G was 2.1GB so it finshed without problems FLAC/WAV Total Size 23.9GB prior to Sync space calculations.