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0012159MediaMonkey (current)Framework: Taggingpublic2014-09-23 13:32
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Fixed in Version4.1.5 
Summary0012159: Rating zero stars sets incorrect standard tag property
DescriptionHelp says:

WMA Rating
Yes [full stars] (SharedUserRating)
Non standard [Half-stars] (SDB/Rating)

(which I read to mean that standard values such as zero should use the standard tags field WM/SharedUserRating as required, so to interoperate correctly with other apps using this standard tag field, apps e.g. WMP, Explorer) but zero stars sets an incorrect WM/SharedUserRating value.

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Fixed in build1712


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2014-09-01 11:22

developer   ~0040447

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Setting zero stars fixed in build 1712. We save zero to SDB/Rating too, to differentiate between zero stars (bomb) and unknown rating. In fact, SDB/Rating always contains exact rating (even the full stars), WM/SharedUserRating contains only values supported by WMP (i.e. only full stars).


2014-09-01 12:04

updater   ~0040449

> Setting zero stars fixed in build 1712.

What is now the effect on WM/SharedUserRating?


2014-09-01 12:06

developer   ~0040450

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0 stars writes 0 to WM/SharedUserRating (instead of 1), so it will display zero stars in WMP etc.


2014-09-01 13:25

updater   ~0040451

> 0 stars writes 0 to WM/SharedUserRating (instead of 1),
> so it will display zero stars in WMP etc.

What "etc."? In Win7 Explorer, that gives one star:

To get zero stars in WMP 12 and Win 7 Explorer, WM/SharedUserRating must be absent, not zero.


2014-09-01 13:31

updater   ~0040452

>...> incorrectly adds a SDB/Rating value.
> We save zero to SDB/Rating too

Then "Resolution fixed" is inaccurate.

I guess I should not have combined these two issues as one Mantis entry. I've now moved the SDB/Rating issue to a separate Mantis entry.


2014-09-01 13:35

developer   ~0040453

I don't know how you achieved this, but WM/SharedUserRating = 0 means really zero, one star is 1. Tested on Windows 7 explorer, WMP12, all show correctly 0 stars.


2014-09-01 16:04

developer   ~0040457

But ok, Win7 Explorer deletes WM/SharedUserRating tag in case of zero stars, now we will delete it too. From build 1712.


2014-09-23 13:32

developer   ~0040531

Verified 1714