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0010454MediaMonkey (current)DLNA/UPnPpublic2019-07-29 11:08
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.1 
Target Version4.1Fixed in Version4.1 
Summary0010454: Playcount is not increased for auto-converted tracks sometimes
DescriptionIf you play tracks from MMW 4.1 server then Played# is not increased when the track is auto-converted. This worked fine in MMW 4.0
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Fixed in build1625


related to 0007837 closedLudek MediaMonkey (current) DLNA/UPnP: Play counter increases after a few seconds of playback 
related to 0015842 feedbackLudek MediaMonkey 5 DLNA plays not scrobbled 



2013-01-25 18:36

developer   ~0034678

Fixed in 1623.


2013-01-30 02:02

developer   ~0034726

Verified 1623


2013-02-02 22:11

developer   ~0034749

Re-opened, this was not properly fixed:

Fixed in 1624.


2013-02-12 18:51

developer   ~0034866

Verified on 1624


2013-02-13 16:53

developer   ~0034882

When playing on Android (tested with MMA and Skifta) playcounts don't get consistently updated (most tracks are missed).


2013-02-13 17:25

developer   ~0034883

I can reproduce only if I play a track and skip the track in less than 1 minute.

MMA pre-buffers whole the file before playing and thus MMW is not sure whether to increase the PlayCounter or not.

The current politic is that it must buffers at least 90% of the file and the last increased time should be > 1 minute or the song length < 1 minute.
I know that it is a little bit tricky, but it is a result of several complaints when tracks were often double-scrobbled because some clients re-buffered them.


2013-02-13 17:30

developer   ~0034884

I'm playing tracks completely through.


2013-02-13 17:41

developer   ~0034885

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OK, it could be because of another prevention that I added because of 0007837:0028759

I will simplify the politic to just check whether the last song (for which Played# was increased) is different from the current song (for which the Played# is about to be increased).

It should fix the issue.


2013-02-13 17:49

developer   ~0034886

Fixed in 1625.


2013-05-05 22:39

developer   ~0035930

Verified 1636