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0009425MediaMonkey (current)Properties/Auto-Toolspublic2012-06-12 13:42
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Product Version4.1 
Target Version4.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0009425: Option to infer 'Album Artist' field
DescriptionDue to issues re. the automatic filling of the 'Album Artist' field, that functionality was modified for MM 4.0.5 so that it became semi automatic (see 0008599 ). The plan was to give users an option in the future to re-automate this functionality, as follows:

Add the following option to: Options > Library, just above 'scan file directories for artwork':

[x] Automatically guess Album Artist from Artist field

It would cause:
1) During initial scanning: any scanned track that _has_ Artist and Album fields set and does _not_have_ Album Artist would get Artist assigned to Album Artist
2) During editing of tracks, editing of the Artist field would automatically also edit the Album Artist field, in cases where all of the tracks on the album i) have equivalent Artist/Album Artists ii) are within the same directory
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related to 0008599 closedpetr Tracks with missing Album Artist show Album Artist as if it's been tagged 


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