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0006806MediaMonkey (current)Properties/Auto-Toolspublic2010-12-04 00:50
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Summary0006806: Optimized Auto Tools algorithms
Description1. Auto Tag From Filename/On scan infer metadata: Music filename are mostly amd commonly accepted (<Artist> - <Title>) and relatively easier to handle/implement than with video files.

As Jiri pointed in and by user requests numerous times in forum it would be nice to be able to customize Metadata guessing from filename by using something Similar to Zvezdans RegEx or use our current approach for mask and allow user to put their own algorithm in MM. Of course with point that using customized algorithm can slow MM scanning speed.

2. Auto organize masks: Users often asked us to implement easier control of mask history

Adding Options page where users would be allowed to remove Mask history and create/add own masks that MM will use for catching metadata or quick default Auto Organize.
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related to 0006453 closedLudek Default video metadata is often missing / incorrect 


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