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0003491MediaMonkey (current)Playerpublic2012-12-10 04:40
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0003491: Track popup needs useability refinement
Quite often the track popup will appear on top of something you are doing at the moment. At the moment, when you roll over it or click on it stays visible 'longer' - which means if it appears over somwhere you want to click, you have to simply wait for it to disapear beofre you can keep working.
This 'might' be good for some people but others will want it to not interrupt their work... there should be an option to disable this so that you can rollover it and click "through" it without it staying longer or blocking your mouse clicks (eg. click to hide)

I'd imagine it would also be useful for some people to specify "only when active" (as opposed to only when innactive)

horizontal and vertical settings don't take into account multiple monitors - this I think is how it is designed but should be changed to allow multiple monitors... some people will want to run MM on one monitor and and only have album art visible on another (like in a music store or something)

A track info popup generally happens while you're doing something else.. so should be fluent incase you don't want it suddenly interupting you...
It fades out to suit this purpose but it should also fade in... the change to 100% transparency when you roll over it should also be smooth rather than abrupt.

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