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0014715MediaMonkey (current)Playlist / Searchpublic2018-04-16 08:55
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Summary0014715: XSPF: Playlists with relative paths to files are not read corectly
DescriptionIn user particular case (XML File attached) "file:\//./../../Alben/Phil Collins/Hits/15 - In The Air Tonight.flac" for Linux it is translated as: file:\//./ -> Take Path from XSPF path as a current folder eg. "// music/Lists/XSPF Playlists/", then go back two folders eg. "/../../" an then navigate to "/Alben/Phil Collins/Hits/" which makes full path to file as "// music/Alben/Phil Collins/Hits/15 - In The Air Tonight.flac" and file plays

Windows in the other side translates this completely differently that make full path ending in "\\\.\..\..\Alben\Phil Collins\Hits\15 - In The Air Tonight.flac" instead of \\\My music\Alben\Phil Collins\Hits\15 - In The Air Tonight.flac Which is invalid path.
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2018-04-10 14:55


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