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0017287MMAAndroid Autopublic2022-03-17 21:16
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version1.4.2 
Target Version2.1.0 
Summary0017287: Some voice controls are missing
DescriptionMMA (build 941) lacks the following voice commands (these work in VLC):
1) Can't play Playlists (e.g. "Play 'Good stuff'")
2) Can't play Genres (e.g. "Play 'Acoustic rock'")
Additional InformationTesting note:
Some of the voice commands that should currently be supported are:
Play music
    Songs: "Play [song name]." "Play [song name] by [artist name]." "Play [song name] on [music service]."
    Artists: "Play [artist name]." "Play [artist name] on [music service]."
    Albums: "Play [album name]." "Play [album name] on [music service]."
    Genre or mood: "Play classical music." "Play music for cooking." "Play happy music on [music service]."
    Personalized suggestions: "Play some music."

Control what's playing
    Pause or stop: "Pause." "Pause the music."
    Resume: "Resume." "Continue playing."
    Next: "Next." "Skip." "Next song."
    Previous: "Previous." "Play previous."
    Find info: "What’s playing?"

Change the volume
    Increase: "Turn it up." (Increases volume by 10%).
    Decrease: "Turn it down." (Decreases volume by 10%).
    Set a level: "Volume 5." (0-100)
    Set a percentage: "Volume to 65%."

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Fixed in build


related to 0014570 feedbackrusty Voice commands no longer work for MediaMonkey as a default Music Service Provider 



2020-12-24 19:43

administrator   ~0061071

Note: I observe the same behaviour on Android 9, and 10, with MM build 944. i.e. initiating playback of Albums or Artists via Google Assistant works, but the following doesn't:
1) Can't play Playlists (e.g. "Play 'Good stuff'")
2) Can't play Genres (e.g. "Play 'Acoustic rock'")


2021-01-04 17:43

developer   ~0061145

I)Bug 0017287
re 1) Can't play Playlists (e.g. "Play 'Good stuff'")
Play top5 on MediaMonkey
onPlayFromSearch() : SearchMediaInfo{mQuery='top5', mGenre='null', mArtist='null', mAlbum='null', mTitle='null', mPlaylist='null', mMediaFocus=SEARCH_ANY}

re 2) Can't play Genres (e.g. "Play 'Acoustic rock'")
Play Jazz on MediaMonkey
onPlayFromSearch() : SearchMediaInfo{mQuery='Jazz', mGenre='null', mArtist='null', mAlbum='null', mTitle='null', mPlaylist='null', mMediaFocus=SEARCH_ANY}

Both commands failed, because MediaFocus is not detected by Google Assistant correctly as "Playlist" or "Genre"

MMA implements onPlayFromSearch(String query, Bundle extrs) exactly as decribed on

if no focus found, search by query for song title is suggested
(In this case MMA search in Media, Albums, Artists)

From my testing of google assistant voice commands:
On my both devices in Google Assistant/settings/Music I have selected "No default provider"

1) On my phone, it ignores this setting and always plays YT Music
(also with command e.g "play music on MediaMonkey")

2) On my tablet it's working pretty well, but there are some issues with genres, playlists too due to missing mediaFocus.


2021-01-05 23:17

administrator   ~0061164

This is very strange. Now when I'm doing the same tests as before (with Assistant > Music configured with 'No default provider' -- the same settings as MartinB), MMA always opens--I can't seem to get VLC to become the default player again. My suspicion is that perhaps:
- I'm now using a different version of the 'Google' app which doesn't behave the same as the previous one
- Assistant may set the default player based on some other setting e.g. long term usage patterns / last chosen setting in Android Auto / which Player is active in the notification drawer (though having tested the latter two possibilities, I couldn't find evidence of either).

So for now, the only way that I'm able to reliably switch between different 'default' players for assistant is to configure the player in Android Auto and test Assistant from within Android Auto. (i.e. Open Android Auto, Switch to VLC, press the AA microphone button and say 'Play Acoustic Rock').


2021-01-08 17:52

developer   ~0061233

GA does not provide mediaFocus (e.g Playlist or Genre)
so a player should search by query for song title.
This is the approach from

MMA besides song title search also in the album title, artists, and album artists.
- we can add genre and playlist too, but It requires more work, which should be included in Beta first.
I would think about it to MMA 2.0.1 at the earliest.

Unfortunately switching over Android Auto does not work to me.


2022-03-17 21:16

developer   ~0067333

Note MMA 2.0 is not available in Android Auto Players, playback voice commands work only if MMA was previously started in background.

TEST note: Restart Phone -> Start AA -> Start Media Player (lower right) -> No MMA.

AA Forces YT Music in Driving mode.