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0006286MediaMonkey (current)Synchronizationpublic2010-03-01 11:39
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Product Version4.0 
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Summary0006286: Better handling of iPod's "Compilation" feature
DescriptionCurrently, MM assigns the "Compilation" flag to albums on an iPod or iPhone where the contents of the "Artist" field do not match the "Album artists" field. In many instances, this works well, however there are some exceptions which make the behavior confusing and unwanted.

For example, consider multiple artists tracks. Say you have a track with "Johnny Cash; Joe Strummer" as the artist and "Johnny Cash" as the album artist. Despite having "Use only the first value for Artists / Composers", MM will set this as a compilation album. It can be confusing because you would consider this a Johnny Cash album, not a compilation album.

There are some other instances as well where it can be confusing for users, i.e. small differences between artist and album artist (Beatles vs. The Beatles), typos, spelling errors, etc.

It is also a problem as in the "Coverflow" view for iPhone/iPods, compilation albums come at the end, this can confuse users as they don't realize the albums are classified as compilations and they simply appear to be "Out of place" or "Out of order".

There are several ways to approach fixing the problem, I'm not sure what is best. Pavle suggested over IM we could consider a new method to classify albums as compilations: "instead $IF(<Artist> != <Album Artist> than <Album> = <Compilation>) it should be $IF(<Album Artist> Not containing <Artist> than <Album> = <Compilation>)"

Another approach could be to allow a new field in MM for this (possibly a new "Type" field... Music, Video, Audiobook, Podcast, Compilation - but it may be confusing to have both Music and Compilation separate)
or also there could simply be a "Compilation" checkbox.

Another option would be to disable it completely and just define albums as compilation by "itunescompilation" stored in the file tag, which can be set with 3rd party software, itunes, etc.
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2010-02-28 20:48

developer   ~0020044

Last edited: 2010-02-28 20:51

As reinsurance for false positives one thing can ensure it.

$IF(<Artist> Contains Multiple Artists) than
--> $IF(<Album Artist> Not containing <Artist> than <Album> = <Compilation>)"
-->$IF(<Artist> != <Album Artist>)

But that also make issue with this example where track should not be flagged as compilation.
<Artist> = Shakira Feat. Wyclef Jean
<Album Artist> = Shakira


2010-03-01 11:39

updater   ~0020045

It can also be a problem with Classical Albums.

e.g. AlbumArtist=Performance Artist & Artist=Composer are not compilations.