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0011371MediaMonkey (current)Podcastspublic2013-10-23 19:34
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.1 
Target Version4.1Fixed in Version4.1 
Summary0011371: Change default Podcast settings to not delete any episodes
DescriptionCurrently the default Podcasts settings are set to delete old episodes. This can lead to unexpected loss for users from which recovery may not be possible.
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Fixed in build1665


related to 0011409 closedLudek User doesn't see Podcast subscription rules 
related to 0010277 closedLudek Scanned in Podcast files are deleted by Podcast rules 



2013-10-16 13:33

developer   ~0037921

Changed the default in build 1665.


2013-10-23 01:16

developer   ~0038009

Verified 1667

Only thing I would also add as Default is "On update download" = No episodes that way podcast will be subscribed but no bandwidth and not needed downloads would occur.


2013-10-23 10:26

developer   ~0038015

Last edited: 2013-10-23 10:27

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May be, but I am afraid that it could have a negative effect for novice users that will end up with manual downloading of each episode. My understanding is that if anyone subscribe a podcast, then he wants also its episodes to be auto-downloaded.

What do you think, Rusty?


2013-10-23 15:14

developer   ~0038018

I'd go with leaving auto-downloading enabled as well. I'd expect that most will expect to have episodes downloaded when subscribing to a feed. It's likely very few users would want to subscribe without downloading episodes.


2013-10-23 16:21

administrator   ~0038019

I'd leave it enabled as well. I think that the most glaring problem revealed by this user is the fact that users can't see the default Podcast rules--and so I'd suggest that we modify the dialog to show them (in cases where they're enabled).

I've documented this at 0011409 , but not as an urgent feature.


2013-10-23 19:34

developer   ~0038022

You are right Rusty Closing Verified 1667